What the Fans are saying!…

The Buzz is all about. Another Great performance last night. Hard to believe its almost over. Only three more performances left. Don’t get left out in the cold. Get your tickets online now!

In The meantime. Check out what the fans are saying!


The LAST Four Performances of the Pinelands Thespians SHREK The Musical begin tomorrow. We are overwhelmed by all the support from each and every one of you. Thank You SO SO MUCH! and keep it up! Please get your tickets online asap they are going REALLY FAST NOW!!!!

A Message from the Cast!

Thank You all SO MUCH!  Absolutely amazing!  We have already sold over 1600 tickets online!  The last few performances are filling up quickly.    Get you Tickets now and make sure you see the show!

PS.  Online tickets are $3 cheaper for Adults than any remaining tickets at the Door!

and AWAY WE GO!!!!

Last Night SHREK the Musical Opened and we couldn’t be happier! We had an amazing show with an audience that couldn’t be any better!

We are hearing great things from everyone so far. Get your tickets online and come join us!


Welcome to our SHREK The Musical Web Site

ShrekLogoAs many of you know we have a new web presence being developed for the Pinelands Thespians.  While that is an ongoing project that we hope to release in the very near future we didn’t want to delay any further our new ability to let you get your tickets online!  That’s right.  You have been asking, we listened and we are delivering.  So here on this site you will not only be able to purchase tickets for the upcoming shows(Get them quick folks!) but we will have some great stuff leading up to it as well.  Keep coming back and checking for some great surprises like the one below –   PS  Don’t forget to click on the Tickets link above and get yours now!

Click the Cast link above for more video greetings!

A Musical Production Of the Pinelands Regional HS Drama Program